Sustainable Development Goals

The Family Dairy Farms project aims to make a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian society and the preservation of the environment. To this end, we put into practice most of the basic principles of sustainable development, which were adopted by the UN in 2015 and supported by the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On Sustainable Development Goals of Ukraine until 2030” No. 722/2019 of 30 September 2019.

The aim of our project is to create an all-Ukrainian network of Family Dairy Farms, which will employ about 20,000 Ukrainians and which will ensure the production of more than 10% of milk in Ukraine. This will have a positive impact on the social development of the village and will reduce unemployment in rural areas. It is through the opening of new farms that people in the regions will be able to work from home instead of looking for happiness abroad.

Family Dairy Farms is a striking example of creating a socially oriented business that creates a positive multiplier effect for the development of agriculture and the dairy industry in Ukraine.

Implementation of sustainable development goals in the Family Dairy Farms project:

Overcoming Poverty
– participation in the Family Dairy Farms project allows villagers to start their own efficient businesses to ensure a high standard of living for themselves and their families. The increase in milk production will have a positive impact on the export potential of the dairy industry, and especially on the export of milk powder to low-income countries.
Development of agriculture, overcoming hunger
– milk is one of the main food products of the population. Our project helps to increase the production of milk and dairy products, as well as has a positive impact on the development of agriculture in Ukraine. The main tool for achieving the project’s goals is Family Dairy Farms, which plan to keep up to 150,000 cows by the end of 2026, which will produce about 975,000 tons of milk per year.
Good health
– in Ukraine the level of milk consumption by the population is about 206 kg per person, at the norm set by the WHO – 380 kg. And insufficient milk consumption is an increase in chronic diseases that occur due to a deficiency of calcium, vitamin D and protein. The project aims to increase milk production, which will raise the level of milk consumption among the population and thus reduce the number of diseases of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. In the future, Family Dairy Farms will produce more than 10% of all milk in the country.
Quality education
– farmers who have expressed a desire to participate in the project and have been selected undergo mandatory training by company experts and are provided with textbooks “Practical Guide to Family Dairy Farmer”. In addition, on the basis of Private Agricultural Enterprise “Ukraine” an educational center for the development of farmers skills was opened, where online and offline training is constantly conducted. The company’s employees have the opportunity to constantly improve their skills through free corporate training programs and courses.
Gender equality
– the company has created equal conditions for achieving career growth for both men and women. Personnel search, personnel administration is carried out in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and internal rules, where there are no gender restrictions. The rules of participation in the project are the same for men and women. An essential condition for participation in the project is the presence of a complete family that meets the following criteria: cohesive and friendly, mutual respect, gender equality, there are family traditions, honesty and decency, love for animals.
Clean water and proper sanitation
– the priority of the project is the rational use of water resources, for this purpose we actively use modern technologies that can reduce water use on farms and provide cows with drinking water in sufficient quantities. After all, the consumption of water per day by one cow is about 100 liters and directly affects the quality of milk. In addition, each family dairy farm is equipped with a septic tank, while ordinary farms do not meet such sanitary requirements.
Decent work and economic growth
– according to the government, 3.2 million Ukrainians work abroad. Participation in the project gives villagers the opportunity to start and run an effective business. The Family Dairy Farm opens the way for the development of its own activities and the expansion of earnings. In addition to the direct delivery of milk, farmers can create a craft cheese factory or produce other dairy products (butter, sour cream, yogurt, etc.), thereby increasing their own profits.
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
– the project concept envisages the formation of regional dairy clusters, within which a quality infrastructure is created around family dairy farms, which provides farmers with everything necessary for milk production and processing: dairy hub, veterinary center, feed center, training center, advisory service, milk quality laboratory, heifers, craft cheese factories. Thanks to the latest approach in the organization of the dairy business, the payback of a Family Dairy Farm is 3-4 years. The creation of a cluster within one or two adjacent united territorial communities contributes to the development of the local economy and the revival of the community. In terms of innovation - the development of the first Ukrainian mobile application for integrated management of a Family Dairy Farm.
Reducing income inequality
– participation in the project enables villagers to start an efficient business and receive sufficient income, which has a positive effect on reducing income inequality between rural and urban populations.
Sustainable development of cities and communities
– the project helps to create favorable conditions for doing business and living for rural residents, which will reduce the outflow of population from villages to cities and abroad. For united territorial communities, the project is an effective platform for the implementation of its rural development plans and the use of grant programs.
Responsible consumption and production
– project participants get the opportunity to use modern equipment and technologies in the farm, which make it possible to reduce production costs and improve the quality of milk, increasing its cost.
Peace, justice and strong institutions
– animal care, which marked the beginning of farming is one of the oldest and most peaceful professions in the world. And dairy farming itself is taken as a basis in the Family Dairy Farms project. In addition, the project aims to support the family. Ukrainian families are not destroyed due to the constant presence of men / women on earnings abroad, but on the contrary, working together on a farm to achieve a common goal strengthens families.
Partnership for Sustainable Development
– the project partners are the governments of Canada, Sweden and Ukraine, the UN program, the Ukrainian Cooperative Federation, regional state administrations, which help to achieve the goals: to create 5,000 family dairy farms that will create new jobs and produce 10% of milk in Ukraine.
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By putting into practice most of the UN Global Compact’s sustainable development goals, we will continue to make significant efforts to improve the living standards of Ukrainians, to stop the disappearance of villages in Ukraine and to preserve family values.

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